Poly Pickup Bands
After a custom baler complained to us about rocks and other objects continually bending his metal pickup bands. We developed the poly pickup bands. Our goal in developing these was to eliminate the problem of bending and wearing these bands are made heavy and will withstand impacts without damage. If pickup teeth do rub against the bands, they will not wear through nearly as quickly as with steel bands. In addition, hay feeds through much more smoothly and easily, The in. thick bands have a 1/4-in. support ring on the inside to strengthen and maintain shape. Longer bolts (included) are required to attach the poly bands.

Case IH
Poly Pickup Bands For Case IH
Poly Pickup Bands For Hesston/MF Balers
John Deere
New Holland
Poly Pickup Bands New Holland
Poly Pickup Band Catalog PDF
Poly Pickup Band Catalog
Tobin Apparatus was founded by George & Faith Zimmerman in 2005. They started out by selling safety equipment and later added a new line of safety equipment which George manufactures out of various plastics. In 2011 the development of the first agriculture part was completed for New Holland and Case IH balers. The goal for developing the new poly pickup band was for a solution to fix the problem of bending and wearing. The poly pickup band has been tested and proved to withstand impact, and if pick up teeth do rub against the poly pickup band it will not wear the teeth through nearly as quickly.