Icom Radios

F3011 Icom 16ch Hand Held Radio
With only 3 buttons, one volume knob and one 16-position channel knob, the IC-F3011 series does not require special training to use. The large knobs and positive action buttons are easy-to-operate, even while wearing gloves. The IC-F3011 series is compact ( 4 23⁄32 inch height) and light weight (approximate 10.6 oz with BP-232N and antenna). The aluminum die-cast chassis is the basis for this rugged construction, allowing long-life usage in various environments. The radio is tested to MIL-STD 810 specifications and to the IP54 rating for dust protection and water resistance. The IC-F3011 series is built to take harsh use and keep working. The IC-F3011 series comes with a high capacity 2000mAh (typ.) Li-Ion battery pack, BP-232N, as standard. The BP-232N offers up to 16 hours* of operation . The IC-F3011 series has the built-in CTCSS and DTCS capabilities as standard to access a repeater or to set up your own talk group for quiet stand-by. The rapid desktop charger, BC-160 and AC adapter BC-145 is supplied with the radio. It charges the BP-232N Li-Ion battery in 3 hours (approx.) The power on scan function automatically starts scanning when turning on the radio. The priority scan function scans all programmed channels in sequence, while monitoring the priority channel.
F33  Icom Hand Held Radio
Icom F33 4watt/5watt 256 chanel

The IC-F33G series is suitable for a variety of needs large or small, mobile or stationary. Whether you are a large-scale construction site, warehouse, hospital or hotel, or a small on the go messenger service, this radio provides the built-in flexibility to handle your communication needs. Offering advanced features such as wide frequency range, multiple signaling and loud audio, the IC-F33G series is a rugged and reliable 2-way communications tool. This is the new direction in LMR communications.
F50 Icom Hand Held Radios
The F33 Icom Hand Held Radio has a gasket sealed waterproof housing provides superior waterproof protection, equivalent to JIS Grade 7*. Reliable and dependable use in harsh conditions such as rain, snow, sudden change in temperature. The large capacity 1700mAh Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack, BP-227 provides a practical 10 hours* of operating time. Li-Ion batteries allow flexible charging and have almost no memory effect.The 8-character alphanumeric display shows channel, bank, tone code and scanning channel names on the display.The [P0][P3], [Red] and [Up], [Down] buttons are programmable to meet specific needs. The [Red] button on the top panel can be assigned an emergency trigger.The large capacity of 128 memory channels with 8 memory banks allows you to divide and store a variety of channels from local to wide area network channels. Both wide and narrow (25/12.5kHz) channel bandwidth is programmable to each channel.

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Mobile Antennas
Icom radios two way are made by Icom America. They made nice high quality two way radios

About: Icom America Inc. has sales offices and branch offices all over the world including Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada and of course the U.S. Icom America is Icom Inc.'s largest subsidiary company and is the U.S. distributor. Icom America was incorporated in October of 1979 and has continued to gain market share in each of its five major divisions: Amateur radios, Aviation radios, Land Mobile radios, Marine radiosand Receivers.

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