Set of 2 Collapsible Traffic Cones

Set of  2 Collapsible Traffic Cones
Item# 21264-SCT

Product Description

Set of  2 Collapsible Traffic Cones
  • Compact for easy storage on any truck, or in vehicle trunk
  • Light weight and compact, collapsible traffic cones weigh less and pack-up in a fraction of the space of traditional highway cones
  • Collapsible traffic cones delineate traffic at any scene
  • Meets MUTCD requirements for 28" reflective highway traffic cones
  • Plastic tote holds 2 cones in less than 1 cubic foot, 4 cone and 6 cone wire totes are available with mesh or diamond plate covering, 10 cone utillity storage box is also available
  • Collapsible traffic cones are made of a durable, bright orange, flexible mesh material with a heavy duty rubber base
  • Flexible spring allows cones to automatially self deploy and spill wind for increased stability
  • Rubber base securely grips the road and holds cone in place in heavy traffic conditions.

  • Tobin Apparatus is a small family owned business, located in Northeast Mo. Our foremost goal is to faithfully serve Jesus Christ until His second coming! Have you accepted Him as your Savior? In 2004 the business was founded by George and Faith Zimmerman, with the intent of distributing safety supplies. Some available products are, small traffic cones , emt pants and jumpsuits, trauma bags, safety vest, fire hose adapters and fittings. Due to the requests for small traffic cones, in a variety of colors. In the spring of 2008, we started manufacturing a small one piece traffic cone. Orange, red, blue, green, yellow, white and custom colors with a minimum of 100 pieces. We also offer logo printing on these mini traffic cones, for promotional purposes. The small seven inch traffic cone has a heavy black base and weighs approx. fourteen ounces. Our specialty, is the red traffic cone which is used especially for sports and for industrial safety marking. These small traffic cones are attractive, durable, and useful for many purposes such as, soccer fields, vehicle training, industrial safety, and much more. The Collapsible Traffic Cones have a flexible spring allowing the spring traffic cones to automatially self deploy and spill wind for increased stability