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Pro Tuff EMT PantsPro Tuff 6 Pocket Emt Pants
EMT Jumpsuit
EMT Jacket with Stedair Liner
EMT Pant with Stedair lining
Deluxe EMS Pant with Stedair liner
Small Traffic Cones2" Mini Cones
5" Mini Traffic Cone
6" Traffic Cones
7" Green Traffic Cone
7" Orange traffic Cone
7" Blue traffic Cone
7" Red Traffic cone
7" White Traffic Cone
7" Yellow Traffic Cone
7" PinkTraffic Cone
7" Glow in The Dark Traffic Cone
12" School Zone Green Traffic Cone
12" Traffic Cones
Zipper Safety Vests Orange Safety Vest
Lime Safety Vest
Orange Zipper Safety Vest
Lime Zipper Safety Vest
Two Tone Zipper Safety Vest
Surveyors Zipper Vest
Fluorescent Bomber Jacket
Fluorescent Boonie Hats
Large Traffic Cones18" Orange Traffic Cones
18" Green Traffic Cones
18" White Traffic Cone
18" Yellow Traffic Cones
18" Blue Traffic Cones
28" Traffic cones
42" Channelizer Cones
Arc Flash HoodsOrange Arc Hoods 10 cal
Gray Arc Flash Hoods 10 cal
Red Arc Flash Hoods 10 cal
Navy Arc Flash Hoods 10 cal
White Arc Flash Hoods 10 cal
Ultra C6 Arc Hood 31.5 cal
Spring Traffic ConesSet of 2 Spring Traffic Cones
Set of 4 Spring Traffic Cones
Set of 6 Spring Traffic Cones
Magnetic markers3" x 3" Orange Magnetic Markers 10 pack
3" x 3" Green Magnetic Markers 10 pack
3" x 3" Red Magnetic Markers 10 pack
3" x 3" Yellow Magnetic Markers 10 pack
3" x 3" Blue Magnetic Markers 10 pack
3" x 3" White Magnetic Markers 10 pack
Fire Hose AdaptersFire Hose Adapters
Fire to Garden Hose Adapter
Fire Hose Strainers
Camlock fittingCamlock M to F Threaded
Camlock M to M Thread
Camlock F to F Thread
Camlock F to M Thread
Fire Hose Nozzle 3/4" Fire Hose Nozzle
1" Fire Hose Nozzle
1.5" Fire Hose Nozzle
1.5" 30-125 GPM Pistol Grip
1.5" 30-95 GPM Nozzle
2.5" Fire Hose Nozzle
2.5" Nozzle with Pistol Grip
12v valves1 inch 12v ball valve
1 inch with feedback
1.5" 12v Valve W/Feedback
2" 12v Ball valve
2" 12v valve with feedback
3" 12v ball valve
4" 12v Butterfly Valve
5" 12v Butterfly Valve
6" 12v Butterfly Valve
Fire HoseFire Hose 1 3/4" X 50' with 1.5" Couplers
Fire Hose 1 3/4" X 100' with 1.5" Couplers
Fire Hose 2 1/2" X 50'
Fire Hose 2 1/2" X 100'
1.5" X 50' Mill Washdown Hose
Icom RadiosF3011 Icom 16ch Hand Held Radio
F33 Icom Hand Held Radio
F50 Icom Hand Held Radios
Mobile Antennas
Truck Acc.Icom Radios
Mobile Antennas
Sigtronics Firetruck headsets
Golight SpotlightGolight Spotlight
GoLight Wireless RadioRay Remote Spotlight
Golight Spotlight Stryker HID 650,000 candela
Fire Scene Lights 3 head Fire Scene Light Tower
4 head Fire Scene Light Tower
4 Head 12V Scene Light
Tobin Apparatus is a small family owned business, located in Northeast Mo. Our foremost goal is to faithfully serve Jesus Christ until His second coming! Have you accepted Him as your Savior? In 2004 the business was founded by George and Faith Zimmerman, with the intent of distributing safety supplies. Some available products are, small traffic cones , emt pants and jumpsuits, trauma bags, zipper safety vest, fire hose adapters and fittings. Due to the requests for small traffic cones, (in a variety of colors.) In the spring of 2008 we started manufacturing a small one piece traffic cone. Available in orange, red, blue, green, yellow, white. Custom colors are also availbale with a minimum of 100 pieces. These cones can be drove over and will not be damaged. We also offer logo printing on these mini traffic cones, for promotional purposes. The small seven inch traffic cone has a heavy black base and weighs approx. fourteen ounces. Our specialty, is the red traffic cone which is used especially for sports and for industrial safety marking. These small traffic cones are attractive, durable, and useful for many purposes such as, soccer fields, vehicle training, industrial safety, and much more. The Collapsible Traffic Cones have a flexible spring allowing the spring traffic cones to automatially self deploy and spill wind for increased stability Pro- Tuff pleated and plain front six pocket emt pants are available in navy blue, black, midnight navy, and dark spruce. We also carry Topp’s ems jumpsuits in navy blue and royal blue. These jumpsuits come with scotch light reflective tape, for furthering the safety of emt workers. In addition to ems pants and jumpsuits we also offer a variety of trauma bags made of blue polyester. Also, available are the ems safety vests with a five point break away, offered in lime green and orange. Class two safety vests with zipper or velcro, along with the boonie hats are available in two florescent safety colors. We also have a large selection of fire hose adapters and fittings. Adapters are available in NH fire hose threads or NPT pipe thread. Fittings for fire to garden hose, camlock fittings and gated wye. and as for scene lights we carry command light a high quality scene light tower. We have also added magnetic markers in unique 3 X 3 squares 3 Mil thick in packages of ten. They are approximately the size of a post–it note. It can be used in many ways. Color coding pallet racks, carts, metal door markers, file cabinets, warehouse machinery and office doors.